For your role as the Psych APRN you would be involved with psych evaluations, diagnostic assessments, ongoing treatment as well as crisis planning and response.

From assisting to develop programs and psycho educational interventions for clients such as wellness,side effects, health etc, you will also involved in case conferences, consultations and team meetings. Handle intakes appointments with new patients, assessing, diagnosing, and prescribing their medication as you see fit. You would also be doing follow up appointments on these patients as well as existing patients.

Counseling to the patients, as well as treating issues within the family and children if necessary. It makes for a very supportive environment for the individual.

There is a very high success rate with this approach as it more successfully gets to the root of the problem, assessing not only the patient but all parties involved.

An acute care environment, outpatient in a collaborative envmt.

This is very different as all patients also have medical integration as well as the social worker integration.

The Director of Psychiatry has been there for 25 years; his assistant 20 years. You would be seeing mostly adults. It’s very family oriented, very warm, very easy going. Not rushed environment, and not chaotic. Here is some more info…

Perform medication assessments and prescribe psychopharmacologic treatments which may include antidepressants, antipsychotic, antihistamine, parasympatholytic, antiviral, central nervous system and analgesic medications in addition to mood stabilizing agents. Perform history physical exams as indicated. Evaluate and assess adolescent, adult and geriatric patients and their significant others.

Coordinate the planning and implementation of individualized treatment plans in collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Treatment Team/Attending Physician. Provide individual, group, and family therapy for assigned patients and significant others.

Provide education and training for staff and patients. Maintain timely and accurate documentation in accordance with hospital policy, JCAHO, state, and federal standards.

Apply now, this relaxed environment, no quotas to reach, is a dream Psychiatric APRN role.

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