Tom Melanson

Thanks for stopping by our Web site. If you’re here, you are looking for a cost-effective method to reach the best candidates the market has to offer.

Here’s a little background on what we at New England Personnel are all about and what sets us apart from what might seem to be similar employment services.

Before my entrance into the personnel field, I spent more than two decades in broadcasting. This time period was divided about equally between on-air and management positions with top-rated radio stations in Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Hartford, CT.

Broadcasting is an extremely competitive business where your performance is constantly measured. You live and die by audience ratings. If you are on the air, to be #1 you must be better than the competition – everyday. If you are management you have to identify, hire and keep the best—often difficult to deal with—talent. My experience in this field was to serve me well when I co-founded New England Personnel. Today, we no more rest on the success of the last placement than the successful broadcaster rests on the last rating book. Working every day to keep our client’s trust is the only way I know to make sure our firm stays at the top of the industry.

Let’s talk over your employment needs and see if we’re right for you. If so, you’ll find New England Personnel’s superior service and attention to detail to be very cost effective.

Tom Melanson, President