The Interview … An Important Connection

An interview is merely a conversation between two people. It should always be a two-sided discovery process. As the candidate, be prepared to probe about the company, the job itself, specifically the duties, the company’s expectations and how you might progress with the company.

In order to help you get the most from your next interview so you are making a thoughtful decision based upon real information, prepare to enter the interview with at least 10 written questions. You’ll be looked upon as prepared and serious about your next job. Remember that even if the interview does not result in a new job, it can result in an important career contact.

If after your interview you know that this is a position, you would really enjoy, let the interviewer know — they won’t know your interest level unless you tell them! If it is not something you are interested in, still thank the interviewer for their time. Another position may become available in the future in which you would be interested.

To help you on your interview, we offer some questions the employer may ask you, as well as some suggestions for you to ask the employer.

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