Employers’ Biggest Mistakes

In today’s competitive market, the candidate you’re interviewing will be evaluating more then just the job duties. Candidate’s these days are carefully scoping out the company’s reputation, benefits, growth potential and more. New England Personnel, LLC surveyed over 1000 candidates as to their interviewing experiences with employers and the results were eye opening. The following are the top problems that our survey showed with applicant’s interviews.

  • 39% of the applicants reported:
    Interviewer was not prepared or focused; phones were answered along with other interruptions.

  • 38% of the applicants reported:
    Company promised feedback, but were never heard from again. Candidates felt that they deserved feedback since they invested their time.

  • 37% of the applicants reported:
    Interviewer didn’t have a good handle on the job duties. Candidate felt it was a waste of time.

  • 24% of the applicants reported:
    They waited more than 30 minutes for the interviewer and felt that it was a rude and disrespectful introduction to the company.

  • 19% of the applicants reported:
    The entire interviewing process was so long and complex that they lost interest in the company.

  • 15% of the applicants reported:
    The team-interviewing concept was intimidating and the candidate didn’t get a good impression about the company.

Are you or your managers committing these faux-pas?