The Five Reasons

Five reasons Connecticut’s top employers have consistently turned to New England Personnel…

  1. New England Personnel Gets Beyond The Resume

    New England Personnel’s consultants probe beyond the applicants’ “job titles” and into their “job duties.” Importantly, we probe their motivations as to what’s the key to them making a long term commitment. Our serious evaluations are done in closed-door, private interviews (not over-the-phone or in assembly-line fashion). The result — hard-core, truthful information regarding the candidates technical skills, strengths, weaknesses and ethics.

  2. Our Candidates Are More Likely To Make A Two(2) Or More Year Commitment To Their Employer. Here’s Why:

    We ascertain not only what is motivating the applicant to make a career move now, but what factors will keep that person in your firm for longer than a two year period. Staff is expensive to retain, train, and lose. Your hires must be contributors. After your initial investment, the employee’s value escalates as time continues. The longer that person stays on the job and is a contributor, the more return your company sees on its investment.

  3. You Receive All Test Results, Reference Results, And Background Of Candidates Before The Scheduled Interview

    Because you get all this information before the interview, you have adequate time to review all the material and can then spend your time in exploring the personality fit with your company and the department. Since the person with whom you are speaking has been thoroughly tested and evaluated as to the compatibility with your firm, you are assured that you are spending your valuable time with a bonafide qualified candidate.

  4. We Only Present A Few Select Candidates Who Truly Fit Your Given Specifications

    Because we visit your company prior to beginning our candidate search for you, we have first-hand understanding of your work environment and current staff. This, combined with the in-depth position profile we create in our meeting with you, assures our total understanding of your real needs. In conjunction with accurately representing your company, we are also able to act as an informed, enthusiastic third party endorser for you. The result — only outstanding, qualified candidates with a work ethic mirroring your firm’s. These candidates will not only be technically qualified with consideration given to the personality match, but will also be within your salary range. Our process all but eliminates the time wasting “counter offer” syndrome.

  5. New England Personnel – The Only Agency With Sunday Business Hours Since 1989

    In this market, some of the best candidates are working and serious about their current commitment and have no time to job-hunt during the standard business hours. We have made ourselves accessible to these “Cream of the Crop” candidates by being open on Sundays and weekdays, 6am to 8pm. The result is you’ll be introduced to prime candidates that are unavailable through any other source. It’s one more way New England Personnel stands apart.

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