The Second Interview

Second Interview Coming Up? Now is NOT the time to relax!

I’ve got a stable track record and am good at getting first interviews however I seem to be blowing it in the second round. I’ve been to seventeen (yes, 17) second interviews and have not gotten one offer. Help me please.
Jill O.
Redding, PA

Dear Jill,
This is a common problem and one you must overcome before you waste any more opportunities.

It’s not unusual to think that because you did well in the first interview and have been invited back for a second that you can somewhat relax in the second go-round. WRONG! The second interview is the real proving ground. Chances are the folks you’ll be interviewing with in the second round have heard that you’re a qualified, pretty decent potential hire and they’ll be looking for holes—what’s wrong with you, why you wouldn’t fit in, what did the first interviewer like about you anyway?! The second, third, fourth interviews are all opportunities to prove that the first interviewer you met with was brilliant, and that you are indeed the best possible candidate to hire.

It’s critical to keep your energy and enthusiasm up (even if you’re interviewing with the most morbid and sullen of interviewers), ask the same and new questions to everyone with whom you interview. Tell them you’re interested in their unique perspective and I guarantee you’ll hear different spins on the job and company- pro and con. Constantly resell yourself to each and everyone you meet. Remember, interviewer #2 and #3 didn’t hear why you’re the perfect fit for the job, nor about your fabulous work examples that parallel perfectly to the job you’re interviewing for and why you’d fit in so well. Bored as you might be by hearing yourself repeat this spiel endlessly, do it.

I say “trust me” and I mean it. I’ve successfully guided literally thousands to getting the job of their dreams. Hopefully, the next round of interviews will land you your dream job.