JUST IN–APRN, NURSE PRACTITIONER OR PHYSICIAN ASSIST, PA–perfect for those wanting to have short days, 25 to 30 hours 4 days a week, out by 3,4 pm….only one weekend commitment a month!

Physician owned, Physician Managed, and a Physician for collaboration 24/7!

Outrageous schedule, and you’ll never get called, stay late, or get beeped!These nationally acclaimed primary care and urgent care opportunities have finally landed at your feet!

Here’s the scoop—They not only offer full radiology services, general illness responses, have an on-site, technologically awesome lab with some of the finest Physicians in the country.

The founders premise was to provide service way more than a cut above the ER or your normal urgent care center, but to exceed expectations with no more than 10 minute wait times, 100% electronic with your own medical assistant to do intakes, and your own radiology and lab team along with collaborative physicians at your disposal.

A  2 month orientation/training, custom designed to you, depending on your experience and skill level. Guaranteed hours , never overtime….they stay strictly to your agreed to hours!)

If you want more hours, you can get another 8 or 12 hours and get fully paid benefits!



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