NURSE PRACTITIONER, APRN, FNP Your Own MA, Growth! to $140k + $20k Bonus annually, paid out monthly. Old/New Tuition

This role not only guarantees that as you’ve a MA, a Medical Director and a team of Specialty Providers you can collaborate with, but an awesome team of top flight clinical staff. You also can combine your role once onboard, with being involved n the Research Institute, or Nurse Practitioner Training/Mentoring Programs—the future is endless and has awesome opportunities.

This is the largest, wealthiest and most successful of any nonprofits in New England, with state of the art operations, the newest and best of equipment, xrays, MRI’s and a fully integrated operation, with psychiatric, medical, dental and specialists all on site.

Language lines in each exam room, allowing you to speak with your patients in their native language, whether it be Polish, Spanish, Russian, Italian….and your own medical assistant…The integrated environment provides for you to learn about areas you have not worked in, and can collaborate immediately with. The “live EMR” allows for this unique learning environment.

The E-Consults allows you to service your patient if they can’t get in, and is hugely successful.

  • Old tuition reimbursement plus all your certifications including Med Mal, DEA, all licenses, PAID!

Let us know when you can talk, we can talk weekends or evenings as well.

Text me at 860 930 8781 or email me.

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