Sensational opportunity for the Psychiatric APRN, PMHNPApply  your Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner experience and strong desire to work in a much bigger role.

Here you will have the opportunity to use your creative, leadership and ability to work closely with company executive team, Behavioral Health Department Leaders and providers.

The role would be an Executive Director position where you’d be overseeing the entire Integration Operation, bringing together their Behavioral Health Teams, their Psychiatric Providers and their specialty practices of Women’s, Pediatric, etc, along with general Medical Specialty, creating a totally Integrated Environment.

The Quality Director and the Behavioral Health Director will be working in conjunction with this position.  This is a newly created role as they’ve expanded their Psych Dept with providers as well as their BH Dept, and because we placed them, they have gotten some awesome additions to staff…we’ve gotten some of the best talent-from LCSWs, Managers and Psych providers who are passionate and smart, and hungry for innovative and creative management and leadership.

All of their psych patients have a  social worker assigned, which truly sets the patient up for a more realistic chance of success…they are getting to the root of the problem, not just pacifying the patient/client with meds…..

You can still keep your psych APRN work talent as you will  have  a small client load, but expand leadership and program planning skills without having the heavy experience to do it, and several of the leadership providing support in doing it.

Email your resume now, text to further discuss and we can set a time…TEXT to 860 930 8781…


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