APRN, NURSE PRACTITIONER, PSYCHIATRIC -Resort Holistic Treatment Center—TOP, TOP $$, Start and End Day when YOU Desire.

Fabulous state of the art, nationally recognized as leader in the holistic and traditional treatment world, this gorgeous several hundred acre compound, resort type setting  seeks new addition to staff of their team of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatrists, and Clinical Staff. Apply counseling and or med/management skills—this is  not  a factory—take as much time as you need—from 30 minutes to hours—there is NO QUOTA, NO RUSH.


This operation, offering holistic, traditional as well as a wide variety of fantastic clinical, medical and psychiatric services, ensures their patients are getting the very best of services, care and attention. They don’t just approach the problem, they get to the beginnings of it, and offer the realistic solutions with everything from acupuncture, equine, various physical therapy’s combined with mental solutions and close clinical support.

As one of the Psychiatric APRN’s you’ll be a major part of the solution to these you and adults road back to total healthiness.

Fantastic benefits, a gorgeous environment and amazing support for you as well.

Text to 860 930 8781 and we will respond to your emails with your resume and your texts, after hours and weekends.

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