SOCIAL WORK, PROGRAM MANAGER, LCSW, YOUNG ADULTS, TOP $, Fab benefits, Open due to Addition to staff TO $85K

Fabulous new opportunity, addition to staff.  New program, new role.

Here you can apply your supervisory skills in a responsible role where you will be leading a team of clinicians. Their role will be to guide your team as they guide young adults in making good choices as well as make available to them the mental health support, addiction support and healthcare support they need and deserve.

In this residential, first class model, this new role is truly a “go- to” supervisory. You will be guiding your clinicians in assessing the patient’s needs, helping them to build care plans and determine the success of the care plan. By making sure your team is educated as to all possible options for the patients, you will be able to maximize the available programs, ranging from services, to education to resolving problems patients have along their path to recovery.  Help your team design  a better and more enriched life for their patients.

Send your resume outlining in your experience as an LCSW, work with youth, supervisory and any experience with residential program, quality experience a strong plus —text to 860 930

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